Monday, January 08, 2007

Free concert at NUS: 10 Jan 2007 - "A Journey Through Time"

Just helping a fellow FOYer (Friend of Yesterday.SG) & SG blogger publicise this event. First posted it at MyRightBrain but it didn't get that much traffic there, so am posting this here.

If you're interested in a free concert at NUS, Singapore, check it out:
A Journey Through Time
By NUS Symphony Orchestra
Wed, 10 Jan 2007, 7.30 p.m.
NUS Theatrette, Lecture Theatre 13 (LT13)
Free Admission
For enquiries, please call Tel: 6516 4041.

More details of the concert at PY's blogpost, where there's a link to a clip of their rehearsal. It really sounds promising. But NUS... really too far for me, and I'm still confused by the map (yeah, yeah, more excuses Ivan).

PY shares some other thoughts as the performance date approaches. Seems to me it's basically the same uncertainties all speakers/ performers go through.

Think of it this way, PY: whether it's an audience of one, or 10 or 100, you folks will still have to play. So might as well just play well. BTW, don't feel shy about sending an email to the FOYers the day before the concert. It might convince some people (like me) to go, heh.

Good luck. And have fun.

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  1. Hi Ivan, thanks a lot for posting about the concert.

    Of course, even if there is just one member of the audience, we will gladly play. I think we would still play even if it is an empty hall, although it can be disappointing to end up this way, given so much effort put in.

    So whether there is anyone watiching, we will play our very best. It is just that we hope there could be more people sharing the joy of music making with us.

    Yes. I have had great fun playing despite some glitches. :)


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