Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Who says learning can't be fun? (or, "Do You Like Crisps?")

Discovered this via Euan Semple:

Click on the image to view the comments at the Flickr page.

I suspect the Flickr post started off as an innocent illustration of the "Add Note" feature in Flickr, but the comments just took off on a different tangent.

Luckily I was reading this at home, or else my office colleagues might think I'm mad for random bursts of laughter. Scroll down the comments and each one is funnier than the previous one.

It's also a great example of how witty conversations naturally unfold, given the right mix of people and context. Those folks are obviously intelligent and humourous (the dry/ wry kind). There are subtle (maybe not so subtle) references to usability design issues, but put across with humour.

NOTE: "Crips" = "Chips" = Potato Chips

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