Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flying the Singapore Flag: Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore (Part 2)

[From: Flying the Singapore Flag: Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore (Part 1)]

I was in a taxi cab. It had a decal at the front windscreen: "Join the celebration. Fly our flag."

The cab passed by several housing estates. Considerably less flags hanging out of the windows this year, I thought.

During the interview the other day, Serene asked me if I considered myself patriotic. I looked up the word later. This definition says: "Feeling, expressing, or inspired by love for one's country." Another one says: "Love and devotion for one's country."

I asked myself if one had to hang a flag (on National Day) to show one's patriotism (i.e. support for the country).

I don't know. I have to tell you I didn't hang a flag this year, so if my answer was "No", it could be a self-justifying remark.

To be honest, I was lazy. The flag from previous years was faded and I was too lazy to get a replacement. I also found it hassle to take out the flag and attach/ detach it later (go ahead, critise me -- but still doesn't change the fact that I'm still a lazy bum).

But you know what? I will "fly" two flags.

One in my blog. You cannot have missed it. It's at the start of this post.

This blog is my home in the Blogosphere. It would be most appropriate to display the flag in my home. I won't need to wash this flag, and it wouldn't fade. Besides, I checked the guidelines on displaying the Singapore National Flag (via ASK! blog), and the guide doesn't specifically prohibit displaying a flag in a blog (I just have to ensure all other conditions are met).

Oh yes, the second flag... ...This one, it's always worn. You can't see it. Not overtly anyway.

I fly it in my heart.

Happy birthday, Singapore.
Happy 41st birthday, Singaporeans.

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  1. Happy National Day Ivan!

    Very erudite thoughts in a cab. Usually my only thoughts while in a taxi is to get home in one piece. And to also wish that the cabby stops running down the government, PAP, or taxi companies yet again....

    BTW, the best thing I have done this national day is to give my parents a pair of grandstand tickets to the last NDP at the National Stadium. :-)

  2. My family never ever fly flags, they say don't know how. maybe next time govement should show us how to get flags. Many people don't know.

    other group of people is lazy.

    me, i have no right to say want to fly falgs or not but to fly inside my heart. :D


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