Thursday, July 14, 2005

Something on Ubiquitous Learning

Another "Thinking Aloud" post:

Learnt about a web article on Ubiquitous Learning (via Sybilla's blog). Here's the Bablefish translated page (from Dutch to English).

The article is a summary of the proceedings of one "ALTO jump conference in Dublin on 31 March and 1 April 2005". Found the article interesting 'cos it outlines 4 scenarios of how Ubiquitous Learning (i.e. "Learning " anywhere, anytime) can manifest itself -- (1) A class room setting, (2) a study landscape, (3) a Community of Practice, and (4) Workplace Learning. See summary table mid of the page.

The "Ubiquitious Learning" that I envision definitely is support by IT, but the IT gadgets should not be the predominent feature. In fact, to have truly ubiquitous learning taking place, the equipment and infrastructure should disappear into the background. Meaning, like mobile phones today, where no one bats any eye if you use a mobile phone (whereas 10 years ago, it was seen as a status symbol).

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