Sunday, July 24, 2005

The National Library at night

Night-time just brings a different feel to everything.

National Library3

National Library1

National Library4

National Library2

There was a Acapella performance at the Events Plaza.
Events Plaza1

(This was about an hour later, when the building was closing for the day)
Events Plaza3

The lighting gives the place a different ambience at night. This was the lobby (as viewed from level 2):

This is the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library (L 11).
Lee Kong Chian Library - L11

Even the photo wall (at level 11 of LKCRL) looks more vibrant. I like this segment of the wall best, with our National Flag on the left and Sir Stamford Raffles on the right. The picture sits on top of the bookshelves. It says to me that our history is founded upon learning.
Raffles to Independence - LKCRL

If you go to the garden ("The Courtyard")...
National Library6

... and look out, you'll see the Intercontinential Hotel.
National Library7

This was what I saw looking out of the lift (the only one that has a glass view):

Over at Central Lending Library: The parents and kids have obviously raided the shelves.
Messy shelves - Children's section
More messed up books - Children Section

If you know of better ways to encourage more civic-mindedness from library users, we'd sure like to hear from you. Parents, try to remind your kids to pick up the books and back on the browse-bin on your way out (rather than leave on the table). Pretty please :)
Books left on the table - Children Section

I overheard some people saying they couldn't understand why there's only one lending section in such a large building (which could explain why some felt there was a waste of space). Maybe this might help them appreciate what the other floors contain:
Directory to the various levels

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the photos, Ivan. I feel like I should be congratulating you personally! :)

    Next time we visit Singapore I must visit the National Library.

  2. Anonymous7:04 am

    I really hope Singaporeans truly appreciate what the luxuries they've been given. Maybe a special educational tour can be given by librarians as to how the library operates. This way, should anyone encounter misplaced books, they can either help gather them for librarians or even figure out where to put them back by themselves. As an incentive, civic-minded individuals could be given privileges on their library loans. Just my thoughts...

  3. Hi CW, nah you don't have to congratulate me personally. I'm just a small cog in the entire NLB machinery. You can submit a compliment (via the NLB website) though. That is always appreciated.

    Kevin - Yes, we ought to consider a more comprehensive tour for public. The tours are very much site-specific right now so I think it's worth giving them a full picture (from the closed sections to corporate functions to public services).

  4. Anonymous12:05 pm

    definitely worth a visit when i get back on saturday. how's the car park like, if any?

  5. Anonymous12:17 pm

    I was there on friday night after the closing time. I am planning a visit this evening. Great pictures.

  6. those are amazing... I must go visit it tomorrow.

  7. Hi Leah, parking facilities are at Basement Level 2. I can't remember how much they charge (it's market rates of course).
    Thanks people, for commenting. If you are blogging about it, drop me a mail too.

  8. Anonymous10:35 am


    I was there on Sunday and the new library looks really cool. And me and my friends were just wondering how come the lifts are so small and why they dont have glass panels! Now that you mention one of them does have a glass panel, I ought to go and take a second look!

    My friend said, we should have a transparent FLOOR to simply educate people on the fear of heights =D (me for example =D).

    I just blogged about my visit to the NLB =D

  9. Hey Ivan,

    Cool pix .. Do u have any pix of the old lib??

    I tried to take some pix then but was too crowded .. and it was the last day ..

  10. wow the pictures are beautiful
    i really like the lee kong chian shot.
    the raided bookshelf looks... disturbing. Somehow I don't find this problem in school libraries but in the public libraries it always seems like a mad rush to fight and hide the best books. sigh.
    i think its important to reiterate to people not to reshelf books themselves. instead create more "put books here for reshelf" areas and teach people how to do that... just an idea in case it hasnt been tried already

  11. Hey Ivan,

    Any idea which group performed?

  12. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Great shots! I went on Saturday but only to the CLL. Can you tell me where are the pictures on the wall of the children section from? Really love them! Missed the tour. Will try to drop by again this Saturday.

  13. Hi Froggy - I didn't take pics of the old one. I should have, but that's er... history.

    Anthony - Sorry, I can't recall at the moment. How desperately do you need the answer? :)

  14. Hi blogger librarian... I'm that writer from New Paper again. Anyway I wrote an article about Cady but it wasn't published cos it was agreed locals wouldnt really take an interest in an astronaut visiting "yesterday" :(
    But anyway its up in my blog...


  15. Anonymous12:33 am

    I find the night scenes calm and soothing.

    Please post more pictures if you can :) TIA!

  16. Re group - not urgent at all.

    I just thought I saw a few faces that I recognized.

  17. Anonymous12:51 am

    How did you manage to get the story wall photo? Photography wasn't allowed in there right? That's what I was told by my guide for the visit.

    I was so tempted to take photos of the walls... they're so nice! Hmm... I'm refering to the one on Level 13. Does it mean those on other levels can take photos?

  18. Hi Claudia, as a staff I'm allowed certain leeways. :)

  19. Anonymous12:44 am

    The photos are all very well-taken... :-)

  20. what's the parking rate like at the new library? there is no mention of it at the nlb site.


  21. Hello BMW-e36, my colleagues at NL gave me the following information (this is correct as of time of posting; please enquiry via NLB for latest rates, as sometimes the rates may change without notice):

    Mon - Sat, 7am - 5pm (except Sun & PH) $1.00 per half hour or part thereof;
    Mon - Sat, after 5pm & Sun & PH $2 per entry.

    $1.00 per entry for whole day


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