Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gorman's "Revenge of the Blog People": What other Liblograrians think

Read this in late Feb actually -- ALA president elect, Michael Gorman, wrote this piece in Library Jounal -- Revenge of the Blog People!* It's clear he and bloggers are not exactly the best of friends. As a librarian, what do I think of his piece? Well, I'm totally neutral about it. It's just one man expressing his opinion.

What's far more interesting to me is that other librarians are not so "hot" about Gorman's article. Generally, all are saying that Gorman's articles give librarians a bad name.
You know, far from seeing Gorman's article as a bad thing, I see it as an excellent case study of how bloggers are responding. Thanks to blogs, a non-librarian who bothers to do a bit of searching would likely get a more balanced view. Yet another example of the positive power of the Blogosphere.

* Thanks to Singapore Serf for sending me the article.

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