Sunday, March 27, 2005

Boring might be best: Improving the blog title tag

Discovered this excellent post by Robert Scoble, titled Corporate Blog Tip #1 (improving the title tag). It made so much sense that I amended my Blog title right away.

It's now called "Rambling Librarian :: Incidental Thoughts of a Singapore Liblogarian".

It used to be "Rambling Librarian :: Incidental Thoughts", which after reading Scoble's convincing explanations, I agreed it doesn't indicate the "niche". But I didn't want to lose whatever meager "branding" that Rambling Librarian already has with some other bloggers and LIS-related directories.

So I added "of a Singapore Librarian" to the title. Quite a mouthful, but it's indicative of what this blog is about -- thoughts from a Singapore librarian. Problem was the word "librarian" repeats itself and doesn't sound good.

Finally I changed the last word to "Liblogarian":
Library + blog + librarian*
*After minutes of indecisiveness, I decided to drop the "r" after "lib" -- less confusing to people.

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  1. Anonymous1:09 am

    was wondering what makes you want to become a librarian? And what does it take to be a librarian? Ultimately..what does it take to be a good librarian?

    Thanks for being patient with my numerous bombardment of questions =)

  2. Thanks for the questions.

    Here's the why and how I became a librarian:
    How I came to be a Librarian

    And this, in my humble opinion, is what I feel makes a good one:
    Professionalism is an attitude, not a definition

    And I'm still learning, everyday. I'm no expert and no authority on this subject. Just ramblings :)


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