Wednesday, November 09, 2011 Goes Creative Commons

Announced on 7 Nov 2011.'s statement:
"Beginning today, we’re releasing all staff-produced photos under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC) license and making them available in high-res format on a newly launched public Flickr stream."

More info, from the blog:
"...’s announcement that from now on all staff-produced photos will be released under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial license (CC BY-NC)!’s Editor in Chief Evan Hansen says,

“Creative Commons turns ten years old next year, and the simple idea of releasing content with “some rights reserved” has revolutionized online sharing and fueled a thriving remix culture. At, we’ve benefited from CC-licensed photos for years — thank you sharers! Now we’re going to start sharing ourselves.”"

Here's's CC-BY-NC Flickr stream, at
Flickr: Wired Photostream's Photostream

What's significant to me was that is a recognisable brandname. Their very public statement on CC was also very clear to me (see quote at the beginning of this post).

They have made a long-term commitment rather than a one-off publicity stunt (some people might think this was a one-off thing if they only noticed the selected 50 images).

Their Flickr stream would be one good resource to get CC-BY-NC photos of people in the tech industry (since covers that sort of news extensively).
Steve Jobs at iPad announcement 2010 Michael Arrington Mark Zuckerberg JJ Abrams at WonderCon 2009 Steve Wozniak

Probably images of gadgets, events and tech stuff.
Nissan Leaf Chevy Volt Factory Comic-Con 2008

(Which reminds me: I've not blogged about YouTube's "hybrid" adoption of Creative Commons; check this and this out).

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