Sunday, June 05, 2011

What others shared: Their ideas on ideas on using social media as part of library services for Children or Teens

[From this earlier post]

Thanks for the responses, people!

"We are having our teen advisory groups make videos that we post on blogs, facebook and Twitter. I am sure thus isn't anything new though." ~ Jessica, who works for Seattle Public Library.

[I quickly commented that it wasn't necessary to be new or earth shaking. Being consistent and being genuine in engaging customers were more important]

"you can make them post impressions of what they read on facebook. It helps to introduce others to particular books and rate them. When I go to the library, I see shelves of books that might not be good to read rather than shelves of books that may be good to read. Maybe if there is a rating system using social media, it might help." ~ This was from my band-buddy, Adrian (a teacher and a biologist). I think his comment about "seeing shelves of books that I might not like to read" was something worth looking into.

"Maybe this is already done. Set up target group specific twitter alerts. For example for pre-school kids, encourage parents to follow "twitter tots" for updates on bks suitable for their kids" ~ From Mui Lin, an ex-colleague of mine and now a stay-at-home mommy. She also adds:

"I'm a SAHM, am planning to set up a book club in the online forum that I'm a member. What prompted me to do this is I'm stressed out looking after my 3 young kids and want to reach out to other parents who love to read. We do not need to meet and can share anytime of the day :). Not sure how it will work out or if anyone will join" [I think she should just give it a go! :)]

"Make facebook friendly. You have almost the entire population of kids on facebook (short of a couple of non-facebookers). Tag a discussion board to the end of the listing and allow posting by people. Policing the discussion boards would be a challenge but I don't see how technology can't overcome it." ~ from Say Hong. [Hmm... nice idea; the online catalogue is probably the most visited page/ site of the library so it makes a lot of sense to make it more social]

how would you use social media to service children and/ or teens, in the context of library services?

What's interesting for me was that in all their ideas, there's a strong social element and about people-to-people-to-content connections. There's also implied or explicit roles for the librarians.

It's also about simplicity.

It's definitely less about the tech.

Thanks again, people!


  1. Very interesting. The idea to use social networks to connect with pupils is just great. Update us furthermore as I want to see the conclusions in the long run.

  2. Hi I came across your site, when I was searching for jobs of a librarian in Singapore. I would like to know how much a Librarian in Singapore is earning. Me and my family (that would be 3 of us, my husband plus my daughter) would like to go to Singapore and work there. As of now I am searching online for a job as a librarian online, I found one, but it wants to know my expected salary, I really have no idea how much an academic Librarian will earn in SG. Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated. Im a librarian here in Philippines, I have been working for 12 years now.

  3. Hi Sam, i don't have the specific answer to your question, sorry. You may want to ask the individual employers, as their HR policies may vary, especially for non-citizen employees.


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