Sunday, May 09, 2010

Creative Sushi: Fresh & "Live" remixing of Creative Commons content

These past months, I've been working closely with the good folks at Creative Crew Singapore (namely Linus, Stefano and Carlsson). Not only are they a talented and passionate bunch, they are also open and enthusiastic about trying new creative ways of doing things.

Like incorporating a "CREATIVE SUSHI SESSION" for the 11th May meeting, at Bedok Public Library (starts 6.45pm). See the Facebook events page or the Creative Crew SG website.

We're not preparing real sushi, of course.

It's all about creating, remixing or mashing up creative works -- "live" and "fresh", like how real sushi should be :)

  1. The creative work could be anything, from retouching a photo, composing a music track, editing a video, or coding an application -- even written works or performances.
  2. Each work is created within the allotted time and then passed on for remixing or mash-up.
  3. Creative Commons is the obvious enabler (copyright permission already given, so creators can focus on the creative process).
  4. The final outcome is an on-the-spot original creation, built upon earlier ones. And that itself would be released under the appropriate Creative Commons license.

For this session, Stefano and I will be the "sushi chefs". I'll take 30mins to create an audio track on GarageBand (similar to this attempt). Then, I'll pass the track to Stefano (he's a Photoshop expert with a capital 'E'). He'll take 30mins to demonstrate "live" on incorporating the track into a video. The final result, we hope, is a music video.

We will not be rehearsing or discussing prior to the meeting. The only thing we've agreed is to use this  set of audio stems: "Man in love stems". Credits: ManoloCamp. 2010 - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

Audience participation is certainly welcome. We hope people will bring their Macs, laptops, video editors of their choice. To attempt their own "sushi remix".

The famous dragon roll
Originally uploaded by Lorenia

Just in case you're not aware, the Creative Crew Singapore and the Public Libraries has been collaborating for the past year. The library sponsors the venue for the Creative Crew meetings. The Creative Crew team would organise their meetings, which are essentially mini-learning seminars on using creative apps and stuff.

My librarian colleague would prepare the appropriate book displays, after checking with the Creative Crew team on the topics for the month. At the meeting, at least one of the demonstrators would also recommend a relevant library item, usually related to the demo.

Supporting communities like Creative Crew is one way for the public library to fulfill our stated mission and vision (specifically in this case, it's about creating and enabling social learning spaces).


  1. Now if only the dragon roll can make music like the singing fish... ;)

  2. LOL, I hope not! That would be really freaky :)

  3. vinn wong5:54 pm

    is this video mentioned in the post available online?

    1. Nope, cos we didn't manage to make a complete video, with sound, on the spot.


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