Sunday, April 25, 2010

Public Libraries: "Spot A Reader" for World Book Day 2010

Friend of the Library (FOL), Mr James Seah, blogged about his experience helping out at the first-ever "Spot A Reader for World Book Day 2010", held last Friday on World Book Day and Copyright Day 2010 (23 Apr).

He and his fellow FOLs were at the Circle Line, Bishan MRT Interchange Station, to "spot the readers" in the trains.

[Image linked from source: Blog To Express]

The library obtained permission from the train operator, and had to adhere to the 11am and 1pm time slots within specific train routes.

As James wrote in his post:
"The SMRT Guides chaperoned the participants and to comply with instructions. The MRT train is a security and safety public areas not allowed for loitering or hawking business purposes...

We were ensured not to speak too loudly to the commuters, seek their permission and with courtesy, considerate and public decorum. We were required not to disturb the commuters on their train ride, while commuters taking a nap on long journey (as seen some babies in arms). Not to cause unnecessary annoyance when commuters are left alone."

Thanks for the post, James. From what he shared, some commuters were delighted to be spotted.

The event organised by the public libraries was a deliberately low-key.

Should the "Spot a Reader" be a regular event in Singapore? What do you think?

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