Friday, February 05, 2010

Two recent media releases from NLB

Two recent announcements from the National Library Board, Singapore:

1) Launch of an online archive of Singapore's newspapers, called
Singapore, 28 January 2010– From today, library patrons can search, browse and retrieve full-text news content from as many as 17 newspapers titles through the multimedia stations at the National Library Board's (NLB) network of libraries. NewspaperSG (, an online service initiative of the National Library Singapore will also provide library patrons access to selected full text archived news content conveniently from the comfort of their homes through the Internet. The use of keyword searches in NewspaperSG represents a significant leap in time-savings for both general users and researchers as before the introduction of NewspaperSG, users could only access archived newspaper articles by searching through reels of microfilms manually.

2) New Public Library in 2011: Serangoon Public Library
Singapore, 3 February 2010 – Come March 2011, residents of Serangoon will have a new public library to call their own. The National Library Board (NLB) today announced that the new Serangoon Public Library (SRPL) will be located at nex, the biggest mall in the North East of Singapore, located in the heart of Serangoon.


  1. I've been directed to newspapers archive but it only has archives up to 2006. I was looking for the Saturday Special Report on 5th June that covers the plight of adults with autism.

    There is a yahoo group called specialneedsSG and I wanted to post the article there, they asked for a pdf version and I cannot even access the electronic archive without paying ST.

    Do I really have to ask around for the hardcopy newspaper from my friends for it, scan it and then convert it to pdf before I can post it?

    We should have some 'wire' for updated news on special needs that pop up here and there. Not everyone has the time to read the paper everyday. specialneedsSG do post updates from the newspapers but I don't think they have enough antennae to cover well enough.

    By the way, do you know about it's a wiki and there's a whole section on the disability sector as well as other sectors. Very useful stuff!

  2. Hi, according to the Straits Times terms and conditions, they don't allow you to repost the content (PDF or otherwise) in mailing lists. There is likely to be a full text copy from one of the databases that is accessible from the public library. You can email your enquiry to They can provide you with the citation and specific instructions on how to access (unfortunately, copyright terms prevent them from emailing you the text).

    For the 'wire' idea that you're talking about, one way is to set up your customised alerts (basically they are search terms that you define) using Google Alerts.

    No, I didn't know about Thanks for the pointer! :)

  3. ahh... so am I write to say that legally, i am allowed to laminate the hard copy (the actual newspaper), bind it and put it in our library, yes?

  4. That's the general practice, yes. And people leave an additional phrase to cite the Straits Times, page, date etc.


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