Monday, January 18, 2010

Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository: Daily life in Iraq

Learned about the Al Jazeera CC Repository from this post:
Last year, Al Jazeera launched their Creative Commons Repository with 12 videos shot in Gaza under CC’s most open license, Attribution only. Since then, Al Jazeera’s collection has grown, and their most recent footage includes videos documenting everyday life and culture in Iraq.

I'm sure Al Jazeera has considered the use of its video by its rival money-making broadcaster, but think about it -- the rival broadcaster has to acknowledge Al Jazeera as the creator (as per the CC license), which means it's free advertisement:
The good news is that the video and all others in this repository are licensed CC BY, so someone can help translate this into English or other languages, for use by rival broadcasters or in documentaries.

... All Al Jazeera CC repository videos are available via CC BY, which means you can edit, adapt, translate, remix or otherwise use them as long as you credit Al Jazeera.

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