Monday, October 05, 2009

Open call for participants for a Gaming preview session at Jurong Regional Library, Saturday 24 Oct.

This is published with my employer's permission.

The Public Libraries (Singapore) would like to invite participants to a Gaming preview session on SAT October 24, 2009, 10am to 1pm at Jurong Regional Library's Verging All Teens space (Level 4). Lunch will be provided.

The Public Libraries intends to run a series of gaming events for the public. But before that, we hope to try out the session with a small group, to get your feedback and refine the programme format.

We plan to have about 20 participants for this preview session. If you're interested in helping the library test the programme format, please email me at not later than 15 Oct '09.

Also, please let me know if you have special dietary needs (e.g. Halal food, Vegetarian). We will need to confirm the number of participants by 15th Oct (first come first serve).

More information below:
Why is the Public Libraries organising this preview session?
We hope you can try the games and let us know what you think of the programme. The library would like your inputs on how to refine the activity before we open it to the public at large.

What do I have to do at this preview session?
  • The entire event is about 3 hours (including lunch) on Saturday 10am - 1pm, at Jurong Regional Library (Level 4, VAT space).
  • You will get to play a mix of console games (Wii Tennis, Bowling, Mario Kart Wii, and Dance Dance Revolution) and also board games (Carcassone, Rat-a-Tat-Cat, and Blokus.). The session will be facilitated by our librarians and volunteers. Depending on the games, players will be grouped into teams (which we think is a nice way of getting others to meet and make new friends).
  • Lunch will be served, and the librarians will have a short chat with all participants. We hope to get your views on the games and the programme format -- basically your opinions on how you feel about the proposed gaming programme. You may also have questions like "why is the public library offering gaming?". We will answer any questions you have on that day.

Is this session open to bloggers only?
Nope. The main aim of this preview session is to have participants test out the games and format. We hope to get your views on how to improve the session before it is open to public. Of course the library would like to have as many people publicise the event (on your blog, or to your friends on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc.)). But only if you choose to do so. In any case, you're welcome to take photos and videos during the preview session.

Can I invite other friends to come along?
Sure! Feel free to pass this message. But we need everyone to register with us, so that we know how much food we need to prepare for lunch. We plan to have around 20 people for this session but if more people are interested, we'll see what we can do with this happy problem.

I'll just add that in offering a Gaming activity, the last thing we wanted was for people to adopt a "play and scoot" mentality (they can go to the games arcade for that). The gaming session is designed such that it would encourage personal exploration, and participant discussion and interactions. As well as introducing related library materials and resources through those games.

Well, you'll have to find out more about what all that is about. If you can attend the preview session.

Here are some pictures from our testing session. BTW, thanks to the guys from the NTU Board Games Society: Pratheepan, Aloysius, Ben. They lent us some board games and also took time off their school schedule to show us how the board games work. During our planning session, they gave us ideas on how to facilitate the board games. Their members will also act as volunteer faciltators during the "live" sessions.

Wii bowling

Gaming is not just console games

At first I thought this was "Risk" but it's called "Carcassone". It involves luck and intellect as well.
Carcassone - board game

My colleague, Aaron Tan (btw he's also the initiator for this Gaming event), showing us how to Dance his way to a Revolution. Or was it Dance in a Revoluntary way? Why is it called Dance Dance Revolution anyway?
Dance Dance Revolution

Unfortunately, you won't be a Guitar Hero. At least not for this round. We're not having this game for the time being (but maybe our preview session participants may think otherwise).
Wanna be a (Guitar) Hero?

Console game titles


  1. Sounds like fun! Good luck with your program.

  2. Thanks Srcsmgrl. We tested the games and the format. It was hard work (no kdding). But I can assure people it will be fun, definitely. Leave the hardwork to the librarians :)

  3. Lovely! I do so want to join. There are still spaces left right?

  4. @noodles - as of this comment, yes. Email me to register. Cheers.

  5. This sounds like fun and I would have participated if not for The North Face 100 event on the same day.

  6. Hi Ivan,
    Many thanks especially to you, your fellow staff and game helpers for that wonderful session on Sat morning.My three grandkids enjoyed the visit and experience thoroughly. Ditto for wifey and me.
    Thumbs up for a successful session!
    Would be blogging about it soon.
    My personal thanks once again for everything and not forgetting James too.
    Keep in touch.

  7. Uncle Dicko, we're very grateful for those who turned up. I'm especially glad you brought your family along. We now have a very good idea whether a "family gaming session" or even "inter-generation gaming session" would work (it does!) so thanks again. I look forward to your blog post.

  8. Uncle Dicko, thanks for dropping by. We enjoyed ourselves organizing the event as well. Hope to see you again at subsequent sessions!

  9. You're welcome Aaron!
    Keep in touch.


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