Thursday, September 11, 2008

Connecting the World, One Library at a Time: Jurong Regional Library and The September Project 2008

Here's something the teen volunteers cooked up and implemented at the Jurong Regional Library, as part of the library's participation in The September Project this year.

An interactive games board focusing on Singapore's heritage, culture and history relating to its landmarks.
MRT Stickman driver

Our teen volunteers designed the game board like our Mass Transit Train system. Players have to walk to the correct train segment for the answers.

Hints, from selected library collections, will be provided to players. There will be a book display in conjunction with the game.

Teen Volunteers - The September Project 2008, Jurong Regional Library

Details on the process, here (as blogged by one of the 14-year old teen volunteer).

Quotable quotes:
The journey to the third floor of the library was basically like a tour. I was mesmerized by their vast variety of books and how organized the books were shelved.

Kaydence got us some books on Singapore for our reference... ...Through this ‘flipping through books’ exercise, I learnt many more places of interest in Singapore which I had never known of. I never thought there were this many. All the places of interest I knew of were just those frequently mentioned ones, like Sentosa, EXPO, etc, and I thought I knew every corner of Singapore already!

Another problem we encountered was, we had to ask the people leaning against the glass panels to make way for us as we had to paste the papers onto the glass panels. We had to ask them one by one, not forgetting to always thank them, they also made way willingly.

This project would not be such a success without the help of.. ... and not forgetting the people who made way for us without any hesitation!

I just love the candid comments. Such a refreshing perspective that I have to remind myself this was a 14-year old.

Nice work, girls!

Read her full account here.

Recap of Singapore public libraries' TSP events :

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