Saturday, September 01, 2007

Podcast: Once Upon A Star

It's been weeks since I've touched my keyboard. Not the computer. The musical one (but they are both powered by electricity, heh).

Finished dinner. Went into the study room. Removed the dust cover from the keyboard. Played a few notes... C-G-F. A simple tune developed. Sounded kinda nice. Decided to record it to the Mac. Before I forgot the tune.

Switched on my Mac, fired up GarageBand, plugged in the MIDI cable, started recording. Before I knew it, it's five hours later and the song's done.

powered by ODEO
[or listen/ download at]

I'm dedicating this song to the children at Tumaini Kids!
... a blog written by kids at the Tumaini Children’s Center in Nyeri, Kenya. The kids are part of the Hope Runs project, started by two Stanford University students to provide an understanding of personal health, social entrepreneurship, and technology to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through running. The kids write about running and other events in their lives—they are inspiring, hilarious, and will steal your heart.
The above quote is from Tara (aka DIY Librarian). I learned about the Tumaini Kids! blog from her Happy Blog Day post (gee, I ramble? No!)

Read the first post at the blog. Then the second, and third, and devoured a few more until I reached the very earliest one. Loved every one of the posts. The typos and all.

Learned from the Hope Runs video that "Tumaini" (pronounced "Tu-ma-ee-nee") is Swahili for "Hope".

Thanks for your posts, you Tumaini Kids.

(Incidentally, I titled the song before I learned about their blog. Hmm...)

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[update: thanks to Shel for blogging about Tumanini Kids]


  1. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Hmmm.. I'm just wondering, since you've released this under cc-by-nc-sa, do you think you could do something like what a band did for a song, 'Overclocked' (based on Cory Doctorow's Overclocked series, both also cc-by-nc-sa), and release a remix pack? It might be fun to see what people can come up with!

  2. Hi Cabtrix, as you said, my piece is released under the CC-by-nc-sa license. Anyone following the terms of the license can remix and modify the work. I went to the link you provided (thanks, it's new to me). Not too sure what you meant by "releasing a remix pack". You mean provide the individual tracks so that people can sample and remix? Will take quite a bit of work. Maybe when I am less lazy :) But it could be worth doing. I'll think about it. thanks

  3. Anonymous1:13 am

    Thanks so much! What an awesome song! Claire (of Hope Runs)...

  4. Anonymous1:16 am

    Thanks so much for the song - it's beautiful! Lara (of Hope Runs)


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