Sunday, February 25, 2007

Patrick Jones' "Nailed": Not quite a book review

coverLoved Patrick Jones' relatively recent YP story, titled "Nailed". I could imagine myself enjoying and identifying with this book as a teenager today (or even back in my youth). I certainly enjoyed reading it now.

While reading the book, I made a list of keywords as the story unfolded. Quick and simple way to remember key parts of the story, if I should ever need to refer or recommend this book (i.e. Readers' Advisory).

I've blogged it at RoughNotes, where the keywords are tagged/ linked to Technorati. My way of experimenting if "reviews" can be presented in a different way, and whether there's any additional value to the review by tagging and creating hyperlinks.

Speaking of book reviews, I discovered one of my earlier posts titled "Writing Reviews: What are we really afraid of?". Hmm, I haven't consciously implemented any of those ideas listed in the post. I shall discuss with my colleagues to see what they think of it.

I don't do book reviews as part of my current job scope as a manager, other than the occasional ones for High Browse Online. Writing book reviews, however, is a key job component for our public service librarians. Some of my colleagues' reviews are regularly featured in national publications like The Straits Times and ZaoBao, as well as selected magazines. More reviews can be found at the Book Reviews section of the NLB website.

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