Saturday, December 30, 2006

My 2006 Discography

Yesterday, I cut a CD album of the songs I composed in 2006. It was a matter of using iTunes to burn them into a CD format. Two things came to mind after I played the CD in the HiFi system -- (1) I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon; (2) There's good reasons why they pay big bucks for competent song producers and sound engineers

Realising that, I came up with these possible options for my album name:
  • "I'm sticking to blogging for now" (idea for album cover: feature me blogging in front of a computer, with a cobwebbed guitar at the corner of the room"
  • "There's Still My Day Job" (idea for album cover: feature rejection letters from recording companies and/ or Singapore Idol application)
On a whim, I decided to compile a discography of the songs produced in 2006 (just like how I've made a list for books read for the year). Hmm... honestly, I didn't realise I've only started composing and producing music only this year. I've completed (i.e. must be uploaded) at least one song each month, except for the months of February, March and August.

Upon hindsight, it's the discovery of tools like, and blogs (i.e. the availability of free hosting and delivery platforms) that led me to compose and share music. Plus, I got my Mac in May '06, which explains the proliferation of stuff from May onwards. I was busy with IFLA for the better part of August, although I did compose one near the end, but completed only in September.

Ivan Chew's 2006 Discography (links to MP3 files)
  1. White Nights (in collaboration with Vanessa Tan) - [Dec '06; Song Details]
  2. Lady Of Shalott (Down to Camelot) - [Nov '06; Song Details]
  3. Carry Me Over - [Oct '06; Song Details]
  4. Ray of Light - [Oct '06; Song Details]
  5. Dreaming of Better Days - [Sept '06; Song Details]
  6. August Nights - [Sept '06; Song Details]
  7. Moonsong - [Sept '06; Song Details]
  8. Take Me Away - [Jul '06; Song Details]
  9. March Upon The Black - [Jul '06; Song Details]
  10. I Am Singaporean (Soundtrack) - [Jul '06; Song Details]
  11. Run (Our Feet Will follow) - [Jul '06; Song Details]
  12. Electric Rain Dance - [Jun '06; Song Details]
  13. TechnoJungle - [Jun '06; Song Details]
  14. So I Am A Werewolf - [Jun '06; Song Details]
  15. Saturday In May - [May '06; Song Details]
  16. Brand New Day - [Apr '06; Song Details]
  17. January Skies (Cosmic Mix) - [Jan '06; Song Details]
  18. January Skies - [Jan '06; Song Details]
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  1. Anonymous12:07 pm

    so how much is it at HMV? :)

  2. You've got quite a production! No fret, no pain no gain. Even albums are riddled with fillers, no every tune has to be wicked. Give one more year and you can cut yourself the "Best of RamblingLibrarian" CD!

  3. Towelboy, HMV said "Don't call us, we'll call you!" -- heh, if you want I can burn you the CD :)

    Thanks for the kind words, Kevin:)

  4. Anonymous3:40 am

    You are multi-talented! Is there anything you can't do? LOL
    Have a enjoyable 2007!

  5. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Enjoyed listening to you. Happy New Year!


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