Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Singapore National Anthem, sung beautifully

[This post was originally published on 17 Sept 2006 and titled, "Singapore National Anthem, sung by a Japanese. However, it was sung by a Singaporean and I've had to correct a whole lot of other mistakes. Post is retitled, "Singapore National Anthem, sung beautifully", as suggested by Siva ;) ]

My FIJ (Friend in Japan), who's sitting out a typhoon at home, alerted me to this video posted at Youtube.com.

It was a soccer friendly-match, held in Japan, between a Japanese and Singaporean team. The videos were posted around 9th Aug 2006. The video shows the opening segment of the friendly match with a young Japanese woman* giving an excellent rendition of Singapore's National Anthem, sung by Singaporean Ms. Oliva Ong.

I don't have other details about the match though. Anyway, I'm blogging it for the anthem than the match. Man, I have goosebumps listening to it! It's rather moving that one country's National Anthem is being sung with talent and respect by someone from another country*.
[*Update: Thanks to TakChek, who clarified that the singer is Japanese Singaporean Ms. Oliva Ong. It doesn't negate the fact that it was sung beautifully :) CORRECTION - Olivia Ong is Singaporean]

Here's the Youtube Video of Japan's National Anthem, sung by a Ms. Yuki Koyanagi, at the same differnt match. I think you might not quite catch the melody, so check out this other Youtube video (it's a segment taken off the NHK broadcasting service. My FIJ also referred me to this webpage, where there's a MIDI version of Japan's National Anthem, as well as the lyrics and other information.

My father, like many of his generation born around 1930s and who lived through the Japanese Occupation, likes to tell us how he and his peers have sung three four different national anthems in their lifetimes -- God Save the King (under British rule), Kimigayo (during the Japanese Occupation), Negaraku (when Singapore was part of Malaysia), and finally, Majulah Singapura (when Singapore separated from Malaysia and gained Independence in 1965).

Incidentally, I've been exploring the videos in Youtube for the last few days. Blogged about some interesting stuff over at MyRightBrain, in case you're interested:
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  1. The singer's name is Olivia Ong, a Singaporean.


  2. Anonymous9:14 am

    it's a beautiful rendition indeed!

    if only singapore didn't export the already limited pool of local talents abroad, talent shows here might actually be worth watching.

  3. "Olivia was in a band with three other Singaporean teenagers, when she was plucked by a Japanese promoter and invited to come to Japan. His interested in Olivia reached a pitch when she sang the Singaporean national anthem at the FIFA soccer tournament, her voice booming across the pitch."

    - "Girl From Singapore, Olivia." By Suvendrini Kakuchi. Cool Chai, 07 Aug 2005.

  4. Doesn't that make it four anthems your dad has sung? ALso title must change to anthem sung beautifully.

    So much of homework for this post! I posted as well and had to make ammendments!!

  5. Siva, this has got to be my messiest post ever! LOL


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