Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Questions about becoming a librarian (Part 5)

[Continued from: Part 4]

Question: Why do people choose to become librarians?

  1. Because they need a job.
  2. Because they don't really know what the job is about. They think so long they work in a library, they are automatically a "librarian".
  3. Because they think all that is needed is a love of reading.
  4. Because even though they didn't know what the job required, they did it anyway. And survived.
  5. Because they grew to love the job, and the job grew with them.

Ok, that's just my sneaky way of answering why (or rather, how) I became a librarian. Just replace the word "they"/ "them" with "I"/ "me" in the above. If you're interested in a longer response, here's a previous post back in 2004 that tells more.

People decide to take up librarianship as a career for various reasons. It's all very personal -- as with all jobs. You might want to Google for "why i became a librarian" or "how i became a librarian" (in those quotation marks). You'll find lots more posts by librarians.

In fact, the real question might not be why they became librarians but why they remained as librarians (like this person thought he/ she could have done better other than being a librarian).

So, that's yet another question for the next post.

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  1. Anonymous10:48 pm

    just out of curiousity, why did you decide to work for a library instead of a bookstore company? have you ever thought of the differences in working for the private or public sector? maybe u can answer that in the next part of your series....=)...

  2. I became a librarian because my parents told me to :). They convinced me to go to library school because they were both employed at The National Library of the Philippines and saw the employment potentials of a librarian. I might as well make a post on this.

  3. Hi Nicholas, I answered the question of "private Vs public sector" in one of my very first post back in 2004, titled "How I came to be a Librarian". But for some reason, it shows a 403 error message. You can click here and scroll down to that post.


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