Monday, September 06, 2004

My next job could depend on my blog!

Just discovered that my blog post on Professionalism is an Attitude, not a Definition has been listed on

What is more interesting is the article titled Interviewing: Beware Blogging Blunders. Apparently, my next job could very well depend on what I blog!

I wrote to my bosses about the above. See, I'm trying to make a case to get my colleagues to blog, and naturally, I have to get buy-in from my bosses.

So far, three of my peers have responded and have started their own blogs (I'm not exactly betting the farm that my bosses would start). Anyway, my take on blogging has come a long way. I used to think they are a waste of time, but now I realise that the usefulness of blogging, like everything else, depends on what you use it for.

If I could, I'd make every NLB librarian maintain a blog. I believe the blog would be a window to their professional minds. We could learn more about what each of us is thinking. It could be library-related, or it might not. It could be about books read. It could be about something we heard read and we'd like to share. It could be about our thoughts on our profession, our customers.

It's not easy writing for a blog (that is, to write something intelligent). It takes time and effort. But that way, it makes us THINK. To write well, we librarians have to read more, and read widely. It would give us that "presence" on the web, and allow other people to know what librarianship is about. Librarians tend to complain that we are not appreciated for what we do. People are often surprised when I tell them that the minimal professional qualification in NLB right now is the MSc in Information Studies (Singapore does not have a degree course).

So rather than continue to lament the fact that people don't know what we do, why not blog? Start a blog, submit the URL to various search engines and directories. Then read, think and write. Let the world know what you do.



  1. Anonymous5:38 pm


    Will be interested in knowing who in NLB are blogging? Can also go read their blogs.


  2. Hi Ivan,

    Am really interested in finding and reading the 3 blogs written by our colleagues. Maybe you should list them down on your 'Links'.



  3. It's there, under "Asian Liblogarians". I've already included yours.

  4. Some time I emailed the NLB suggesting that build a book review and recommendation engine like what amazon has. The problem now is that there is no way for me to know who are the people who read the books that I read. There is no way to engage on discussion on that particular book. Image if such a site existed.. it would be a good social network site.

    The library responded that like it would be a big IT project and they may implement it sometimes in the future.

    I think NLB staff could do a common book-blog, the librarian can write a short review of the book and the other users can comment on that. Now that would be fun.


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